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Justice Register

A claimant's friend through any trial.

Justice Register

A claimant's friend through any trial

Justice Register

A claimant's friend through any trial

"At last there is someone to hear our voice."

Our Services

client bridge to lawyers

Economising on lawyers time.

client document collation

Centralised electronic doc hub

client ngo/ foundation set up and management

Creating a client platform for media/compensation distribution

client recruitment

Efficient public/discreet methods

client management and relations

Understanding clients and building bonds

client campaigning

Utilising clients to support the case

client media management

Preparing clients to assist in media

client intake

Streamlined and electronic

For prospective claimants:

  • We represent prospective claimants to find the right lawyers and/or investigators for their claim.

For claimants:

  • We represent claimants throughout their legal action by being an essential bridge between them and their legal advisors.
  • We collate and manage relevant case information, material and data for claimants.
  • We are a communications hub between claimants and lawyers.

For Law Firms:

  • We carry out introductions, strategies, and campaigns on behalf of lawyers to market clients for their cases.
  • We carry out all the client intake process for lawyers.
  • We obtain, collate and manage all client information, documentation and data to facilitate the legal team in the case.
  • We manage day to day client relations.
  • All of our systems collate data through sophisticated retrieval and storage and programs to ease facilitation within the case and case management.

Why Justice Register is an essential element in any legal case:

  • Specialists at client care and management with an emphasis on cultural, linguistic, political, and victim sensitivities.
  • Our costs are significantly lower than the costs of lawyers doing the same task (which the lawyers would otherwise have to do).  Therefore, the total costs of the action are less and the budgets economically prudent.
  • Lawyers can be left to focus on the legal aspects of the action which they are good at rather than the time-intensive cost of client relations.
  • Potential clients often need us to represent their proposed case to lawyers to ensure they get the best lawyers, terms and understand what they are getting into.

Human Rights Support Group

  • Hold to account and publicly expose
  • Support and campaign for the victims of terror
  • Establish related campaigns to each claimant group
  • Launch protest actions against those who have facilitated the terror and injustice that has affected the victims
  • We will pursue with vigour corporations, individuals and governments alike wherever the guilty reside to expose and highlight these human rights abuses
  • No longer will the perpetrators be able to hide from the shame of their actions
  • It will be a central focus of Justice Register to not only bring to justice those responsible, but to ensure the victims voice is no longer silenced

About Us

Justice Register is a legal claim client intake and management company.  We focus on marketing, intaking and managing claimants within large scale global class actions. 

We specialise in supporting clients into actions that fight, seek justice and seek compensation against terrorism (and the facilitators and paymasters of terrorism), rogue regimes, and rogue big business.  Our clients and their legal actions seek to promote human rights, justice, environmental protection, societal wellbeing and good governance.

The team has over 30 years of experience in these fields with close and trusted relationships with leading and relevant international law firms, investigators and funders.  The team has unparalleled experience with working with victims and claimants all over the world and facilitating their rights and claims throughout all major jurisdictions around the world.  It is not just a question of providing language skills, but also understanding different cultures and the sensitivities of claimant clients.

Justice Register does not just bridge the language and cultural divide between victims, a legal action and their legal representatives, it also acts as a two-way communication and information/data hub between the claimants and the lawyers.  Our team better explains, limits misunderstandings and enables clarity between the clients and a given legal action.

Justice Register is proud to represent claimants and to be uniquely able to help them find the best legal action to address their need, the best legal representation for the job at hand and to find the funding necessary to carry out the action.

Our Experience

legal action understanding

We are not lawyers but we have experience of the needs and demands of cases.

client care

We put the client first and ensure each one feels special.

client security & privacy

We can advise, process & provide secure systems to reassure clients & lawyers.


We can provide spoken and written language skills where necessary.

cultural understanding

Experience of many cultures to ensure client matters are carried appropriately.

victim sensitivities

Experience of victim sensitivities and management thereof.

IT & systems

Ensuring the best IT system for the case at hand.

management & admin

Capacity and capability to manage the smallest to the largest case.

Latest News

Our Core Team

Henry Robinson
Operations Manager

Operations Director for Justice Register. Henry has spent three decades working for victims of terrorism around the world with particular emphasis in Northern Ireland and the middle east. He has been the responsible for some of the most pertinent campaigns and legal action campaigns for victims of terrorism over the last 20 years.

Letter of Gratitude

President of the Republic of Colombia

Toby Burnham
Director of PR & Campaigns

Toby Burnham has honed his expertise in global communications for over twenty years across the world, leading to a rare mix of connectivity and campaign creation. With significant litigation PR experience worldwide and in international courts and media - Toby has helped build and deliver successful legal and civil society campaigns, and assisted global institutions and governments manage general reputations and crises...

Read more Adept at controlling editorial and stakeholder narratives in both traditional and social media platforms, he has a particular focus on the Middle East and North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.

Jo Foxley
Financial Director

Joanne has spent over a decade working with claimants in class actions and with victims of human rights abuses within a leading law firm. She was previously financial manager within a law firm.

Gary Ball
Business Resources & IT Manager

Gary Ball has over 30 years experience in business operations. Specialising in sourcing, IT and infrastructure. Working with globally diverse company connections to create partnerships in business, Human resource management, innovative and secure technologies.

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